Understanding Learning Pathways

A key towards career success is trying to equip oneself with the right knowledge and learning required to move up the career ladder one step at a time. It is taking advantage of the learning pathways available that will help a person equip himself or herself with the tools needed in a chosen career. Understanding the learning pathways available can help people develop and make themselves more successful in their chosen careers. Here are some of the important learning pathways to know about.

Types Of Learning Pathways

People usually have learning pathways to follow that will help develop themselves and prepare for the type of career that they have chosen. They fall below different types that all contribute to equip people with the knowledge and the tools needed in order to further prepare and advance in their chosen field.

Formal Learning

People who wish to establish their careers usually have to prepare by taking some formal education at a college or university. For most careers, the right formal education comes as an essential qualification towards getting a good start. It requires people to accomplish educational requirements that will make them fit for a particular job or profession and having a certificate, diploma or degree to show for that.

Non-Formal Learning

There are also other professions and careers that do not necessarily require formal education and training. There are some training program and instructions that do not get evaluated and given certifications. But such training programs are also important in trying to improve a person’s skills and abilities in order to stay current or even improve chances of getting up on the career ladder.

Informal Learning

Career professionals do not just depend on their formal education in order to advance or get promoted in their chosen careers. Informal learning also plays a big part in this most of the time. It is an important part of learning that people can get while on the job or from their experiences with other career people like them. Such form of learning can be quite valuable especially if they lessons learned as part of a system or process being used in a particular profession. It becomes valuable knowledge in that such things are not usually being taught at schools and organized form of instruction but are rather learned through experience and learning from other experienced people in the profession that one had the chance of working with.
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