Common Habits That Ruin A Career

Many people are quite motivated enough to succeed in their chosen careers. As they go up further in the ladder of success, some may begin to develop certain habits and behaviors that may end up hurting their career path over time. Here are some of those common behaviors that might eventually hurt one’s career.

Too Much Confidence

Over the course of a successful career, some people may begin to feel very proud of their accomplishments. It can slowly get into their minds enough to make them develop too much confidence of themselves. While people might need some dose of self-confidence, too much of it can be poison as it can cause the ego to go beyond where it needs to be. It can be enough to ruin some professional relationships that can put a career at risk.

Poor Communication

A successful career professional usually relies on good communicating skills in order to climb the career ladder. It helps them be understood and for others to understand them. Good communicators know how to put ideas across and make people listen. If one does not develop this skill over time, it can eventually make one miss out on some opportunities for career advancement and possibly hurt one’s career.

Poor Record Keeping

Not having good organizational skills can hurt one’s career in many ways. First off, not having a good record of contacts over the years can mean quite a lot for any career. Poor record keeping in this area can result in some people not taking advantage of their contacts for career advancement. Their underutilized network of peers can mean many missed opportunities along the way.


Some people who have built a career may eventually also develop short-sightedness. When looking at opportunities, they usually begin to look for those instant benefits being offered rather than the long-term benefits that some of them may provide. A certain job may be deemed attractive if it provides many instant perks and benefits. Those that offer possibilities of greater earnings in the future may not have the same effect. Not being able to weigh the longer term benefits may cause people to mix up their priorities that end up hurting their career.

Stalled Learning

Some people forget that learning is a continuous process. Just because they have climb up their career ladder up to a certain level, some people become more complacent when it comes to learning new things. This sometimes leads to having skills and ideas that are no longer applicable in a rapidly changing world. Not being able to adapt by learning new skills or ideas can leave one out of those many career advancing opportunities that will lead to even further success.
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